Thursday, November 3, 2011

cheers to beautiful shoes and bicycles...

I LOVE these shoes.
Oh YES I do.

I started
stalking them before my NY trip,
it didn't work out to get them then.

Then...there was a brief moment in time

when they were available online.

And a few short days later

these beauties were on my feet.

What I like about the new shoes

is not only do they LOOK good,

but (wo)man oh (wo)man are they COMFORTABLE.

And comfort is my middle name.

And some of you may have given up on me
thinking I run around in lycra all of the time

and lost all my sense and love of good design.

Not so fast....

That will NEVER happen.

In fact, I'm such a freak about good design and beautiful moments,

that I had this photo shoot planned for the last three weeks

and was waiting for the perfect moment to execute.

Today was that day.
How boring would a picture of just a pair of shoes be?
You've got to accessorize those feet!

AND ~ Here's the Pashley again for you who keep thinking

she has gone into bicycle never never land.
The Pash is the perfect accessory (I know I should say bicycle...)
She is patiently sitting and waiting for me to
slow down

get bored with all this lycra business

and tool around the neighborhood.

I think she may be waiting a loooong time.

Cheer's to beautiful shoes and beautiful bicycles.

And Sun and Lovely Lovely Autumn.

ps ~ yup, that's the top I made all by myself