Tuesday, June 14, 2011

introducing Lexa S...

I waited 3 months for this day.
No Rain.
The opportunity to ride Lexa over to the photo op
I had envisioned in my mind.
the day came
and here she is...

Lexa S

a few months ago
I got my 'in-between' bicycle.

Those of you with a keen eye
may have been noticing her recently
in some of my posts.

dual computer bicycle search on a cold March day

H and I did a pointed and purposefully fast search earlier this year
to find a bicycle I can ride all over town
for my bikish meetings,
and my bikish ways,
and feel okay leaving outside at a bike rack,
getting 'city-ized' with scrapes and dings,
mostly non-descript, but good looking,
and fast, light, and agile.

What other bicycles did I consider?
A Soma Buena Vista, and other mixte options - but all of the reaches were too far for me with my short torso and my bad back.
A Salsa Casseroll, but not a one was to be found in stock and I didn't want to wait.
I had briefly considered another Trek road bicycle, but only briefly.
When we went to the store and no Casseroll's were to be had, I eyed up the Lexa S and swiftly we decided it was time and she would be a good friend.
Lexa S is a basic Trek Road Bicycle with the exact same dimensions as The Trek.
So I knew she would be perfect for me.

The first time Lexa was left alone..

We promptly took care of the 'cityizing' when we brought her home.
Yes, after JOKING about it,
we got distracted and drove her into the garage.
The worst part was I was on the phone trying to sell Lil'C!
Lexa got a rough start, but amazingly she was OK!
Note to all, if you have a roof rack, and put a bicycle on it, IMMEDIATELY put your garage door opener in your glove compartment so when you get home you have to dig for it, wonder why, and then the red light will go on that 'oh yes, I have a bicycle on the roof'.

Lexa and I haven't been on many rides because of all the rain we have been having this year and the personal stresses that have been occurring, but we have been together enough to know I love her.
My first love is truly the Trek, but Lexa isn't far behind.

I have made some basic citification modifications (besides the garage bling):
Changed out the florescent green bar tape for a subtle grey.
Added Planet Bike fenders
Added two-sided flat, light pedals.
I had the shop change out the quick release skewers for ones that require a tool to change out.
Added a bottle rack because I drink a lot of water thanks to living in Colorado for nearly a decade, and hey, I get thirsty.
I had the store set her up to my fit kit dims, but have since lowered the seat for city riding.

My only complaints are
that I have to have a small frame, so I can't fit a bottle rack and a clip for my u-lock within the frame triangle. Same issue with putting the lock off the back, too small to fit.
I clip my feet sometimes on the fenders, but no big deal.

What does Lexa S stand for?
Lexa is my strong and steady friend, she stoically waits for me to return, and then silently and serenely we pedal off on simple adventures and everyday escapades.

I still wish for that perfect combination of comfort, speed, agility, and most of all - good design.
But I have learned that is a hard package to obtain all in one.
My good design does not get me as far as I like.
Speed is expensive and should not be parked alone outside,
Combination means leaning towards one side or the other to get the most out of what ideally you want.
I lean towards that fast lovin' lycra gal inside me.
If Lexa had the look of the Pash with the comfort, speed and agility of my Trek, it would be my perfect bicycle.
I used to think that combination would never exists, and I still mostly don't, but every season I see new brands trying, and getting closer.
Perhaps someday, my bicycle dreams will come true...

I have some more Lexa adventure posts coming in combination with another series.
Stay tuned.