Saturday, June 18, 2011

big sigh...

Get ready for a rant...
(I know I already did this but.

I seriously am not sure how much longer I can take the weather this year.
Check out this dreadful forecast. Dreadful!
I seriously am going through Sun withdrawal.
All I want, ALL I WANT, is to sit in my back yard with the SUN on my face.
Is that so much to ask? Apparently.

It is raining AGAIN.
After an absolutely dreadful winter,
we have been dealt an absolutely dreadful Summer - if you can call it that.
I am pretty sure I could count on my two hands
how many times I have seen the sun this summer,
how many times we have had dry days,
and how many times it has been over 60 degrees.

Normally I try to maintain a positive air,

because what good does being a negative nelly do anyone?

But frankly,
this sucks.

The upside is, I have spent the last few hours with a sleeping dog and a computer.
Finally getting to some of those projects I've wanted to do and figuring out some technology things.

I posted over at the MBC site today. Check it out here.
I finally started a flickr set called "
Bicycling in Minneapolis".
I figured out some video things (more on that in a couple of days).
And last week I set up the MBC flickr site and group pool for Open Streets.
Only thing is the flickr group pool is not showing everyone's photos. I've got it set to as public as one can get and still only 17 of the 74 photos are showing - this frustrates me to no end. If you have any remedies - let me know.

We were over at the NVGP Uptown Criterium Last night.
SO glad it did not rain last night - woo hoo!!!
Total bummer on the crash on the last lap of the Women's race!

We ran into some of H's old cronies last night. One of the guys had an official NVGP post, another former teammate was a NVGP medic. H is over in Menomonie today serving as a Moto Marshall (aka "Moto 1") - he was in Cannon Falls on Thursday. He just phoned in his race report "It was fun again today. Probably the most fun thing I have done in a long time. I want to do it again next year." Interesting how they are all finding ways to be involved in the bicycle scene now that some of their better racing days are behind them. When you love something, you just figure out how to stay with it.

We were talking about me riding on the back next year as a my hyggelig moto 1 press correspondent - better start practicing now.

If it isn't raining tomorrow, we plan to be over in Stillwater again this year.

And lastly, I am excited for H.
He took a big leap this week - quit the old job.
I support him no matter what the future holds.
Time will tell.
at least for now,
is back.

Happy Saturday Everyone and Thanks!

Isn't it interesting,

Now I feel better.