Saturday, May 21, 2011

icky crap tirade...

H just called
he's on his way home after two weeks away.

I went on a bit of a tirade

about this horrendous Minneapolis weather.

7 months of essentially icky crap.

I am really at wits end.

He gets it, he feels it too.

But I called back and put on

a positive spin:

Belinda says the sun will pop out later today

and it won't be raining in the morning tomorrow.

More positivity:

one great thing about living here

is I am getting to know people

and share good things.

Last night at the salon,

my hairstylist sent me home

with two basil plants

and a tomato plant

that she started from seed.

She has a farm

and a huge garden.

How great is that?

Well, let's make it a Happy Saturday


I hope the sun is out where you are.

I'm definitely not off for a ride,

but soon my man will be home

and perhaps this family can

get a lake walk in

and reconnect before I leave


my hyggelig...