about me...

Hello, my name is DeAnn.

For a long time I lived in Colorado where
sunshine, mountain hikes, and ski runs 
were my happiness.

My heart was left in Northern California where
sunshine, beach walks, and in general ~ living the good life 
were my happiness.

In 2006 I moved to Minnesota where
my world completely changed
and happiness 
became harder 
for me to find.

In February 2007 I started my hyggelig as a place to meditate in everyday happiness.

Life goes too quickly to dwell on what we have lost,
or to dream of someday...
But in each day there is something we can do to find happiness.
It is my hope that in my daily journey, you also find inspiration,
and your own happiness.

I still want my sun, mountains, and ocean,
but Minnesota has taught me 
to find happiness
in myself.

I love my husband,
my dogs,
good design,
the Sun,
and most of all,