Sunday, May 29, 2011

the people we once were...

Long Holiday Weekends
are about spending time

with the one you love

doing the things

you want to do.

H and I needed yesterday.

An early morning lover's ride,

up before the city.


Then in the afternoon

H took me for my inaugural ride

on his new motorcycle.

We picked up lunch,

had a picnic by the lake,

and purchased books

at our favorite bookstore.

We were to have left on vacation


but work changed all that.

So instead, we have taken what we have

and tried to make it what we can.

Five years is too long to let life pass you by.

It was so great to hop on the motorcycle

and remember

the people we once were.

So easily they were lost,

so hard we are trying

to get them back...

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

May you be doing all the things you want to do.

And getting back in touch

with who you are.

Our book purchases:

The Dirty Life
The Summer Book
The Lost Cyclist
In Patagonia