Thursday, August 7, 2008

primal needs...

I think in Summer there is a primal need to be by water.
I physically feel a need to go here as much as I can right now.
I love watching the people out and about soaking in warm summer nights and lazy summer days.

Bicyclist meets moose here
A Black Bike enters the Blogosphere here
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Amsterdamize is getting techy crazy here and made the movie of the year here
Kronan Flickr group here

And the City of Minneapolis e-mailed me these updates:
Summertime is not just a great time to ride your bicycle – it’s a great time to build a bicycle path! The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board has recently completed the reconstruction of the St Anthony Parkway bike path from the Camden Bridge to Ulysses Street NE. A new trail segment has also been constructed between Ulysses Street and Stinson Boulevard. Read more about the St. Anthony project here

More recently, the Park Board has begun the reconstruction of East River Parkway bicycle path, between Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street SE. Construction is expected to be completed this fall. During construction, this portion of the East River Parkway bicycle path will be closed. Read more about the East River Parkway project here

Meanwhile, the much anticipated Luce Line Trail will begin construction this summer. The missing link into Minneapolis will be completed by mid-2009. The new trail segment will complete a 72-mile path between Minneapolis and Cosmos, Minnesota. The trail project will end at Theo Wirth Parkway, just north of Olson Memorial Highway. When complete, bicyclers will be able to ride between Golden Valley and downtown Minneapolis via Bassett’s Creek Trail and the Cedar Lake Trail. Read more about the Luce Line Trail project here and here .

Finally, another good piece of path news – the number of cyclists on the Midtown Greenway is on the upward trend. Between 2008 and 2007, rates of bicycling have increased 30%. The Midtown Greenway has also set a new record for its highest single day of use. 5,336 bicyclists rode on the Midtown Greenway at Hennepin Avenue on Sunday, June 1st, 2008
[my hyggelig bold]. Read more about the data here .

Happy Riding,

City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program