Saturday, September 6, 2008

savoring Saturday's...

Every Saturday all Summer long (and now Fall) I treat myself to a long bicycle ride.
I ride because...

I love to ride my bicycle
I look forward to 'me' time all week long

I love the quiet solitude of an early Saturday morning
I love getting somewhere powered by my legs
I love reaching the lake as I near my half-way point

I look forw
ard to gaging my improvement
I like to stay in shape

I like how my legs are looking
I like how I am feeling

I feel lonely if I do not get out and see what is going on in the City
I like seeing other people bicycle
I love to be outside
I love the Sun
There is no better way to savor a Saturday
and besides,
what else would I be doing?

But after hundreds of miles, multiple solo rides, and growing weary of repetition, it was great to have some company today.
H finished racing a few weeks ago and has been winding down before he winds up for 'Cross season.
He puts on way more miles than me and way more of them solo, and was feeling like a little company too.

It was oh so nice to savor Saturday together.