Sunday, September 7, 2008

Minneapolis bicycling links...

It was an historic moment over a century in the making. When the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners (MPRB) unanimously approved the Grand Rounds Missing Link route alignment on Sept. 3, the 125-year-old vision of Horace Cleveland took a major step forward.

I've mentioned before that new trails
in NE Minneapolis (Diagonal & St. Anthony) have been a boon to my cycling. When we moved here we dreamed of better bike accessibility, but never thought we would see it - and now it is unfolding right before our eyes!

Minneapolis is doing a LOT of great things to help bicyclists get around town safely and effectively.
For many years there has always been that pesky 'Missing Link'.
Of all the neighborhoods that need bicycling accessibility, ours is one.
We had nearly given up, but at long last the City of Minneapolis came through - the Minneapolis Missing Link route has been approved!!!!!
Thank you Minneapolis for whatever you said to the Mayor of St. Anthony
(by the way, you do not speak for everyone Mr. Faust!).
The link up 'Nord is going to make many people very happy and the increase in bicycle traffic we have seen this summer is only going to grow with this part of the link added. Connecting the St. Anthony Parkway and Diagonal Trails through St. Anthony makes complete and logical sense - hopefully soon all those dogs, strollers, and bikes will work in better harmony instead of dodging each other on the sidewalk.

20 years is a long time for the Link to fill in, but connecting the more immediate sections of the link are going to be huge in helping this community with safer and more accessible options for bicycle riding by complementing already existing commuter and recreational traffic patterns - Hoorah!

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