Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bikes, parades, and beer...

Recently a parade was scheduled to go in front of our house and I felt like a little summer beverage to enjoy, so I walked over to the liquor store and what would you know - a bike was front and center. Taking a photograph in a liquor store isn't easy - have you ever tried it? It felt kind of vigilante. Anyhow, back when we lived in Colorado we often enjoyed a bit of the local brew from New Belgium. It has been a few years, and my how things have improved. Coinciding with our arrival to Minnesota was New Belgium fast on our heels, entering the Minnesota market.

I found the Mothership Wit to be my summer favorite - light, organic, a pretty label ~ what could be better? I like New Belgium - as a company they are doing a lot of things right. For starters, a fun website. Employee's receive bikes, they have a statement on sustainability and they actually are doing something about it, and I have to say - seeing the organic label was just the icing on the bottle.

Check out some good things happening here.

And the parade?

Where else can you see a Gopher in a football uniform from your front yard?