Sunday, May 8, 2011

it doesn't matter where you are...


We have been talking about it
for months,

and last night
we were finally able to do it.

Warm Weather 2011 Bike Dates.

The Goals:
Time together.
A 'different' form of exercise.
The Rules:
Close proximity to the homestead.
Take the bicycles.

We always enjoy our Lover's Rides,

but in the last umpteen years, we have both ridden a lot
This summer,
because of where we are at mentally,
where we are at physically,
and where we are at literally,
we want to spend a little bit more time together,
on our bicycles,
doing something old,
that is new again.

I feel like I keep saying it,

but it has been one hell of a
last 6 months.
One day your life changes,
and there is nothing you can do about it.
Sometimes the change moves in excruciatingly slow motion.
This seems to be happening a lot,
and it is filling us with stress,
and I guess a little fear.
We've been bummed,
and we are trying to work our way out.

It's time to

A most oustandingly beautiful day.

Sun, 70, and outside ALL day.

Capping it off with a nice pedal

to our local Japanese restaurant.


they had THE coolest little lights at the restaurant.

left: H built up a new 'city' bike
out of an old racing frame, some parts cannibalized off of other bicycles, and some new parts.
had to fix one thing after we got going...still tweaking.

Right: of Course!
2 miles from home I remember~
I forgot the key to my bicycle lock!
need to stop doing that, it's a real bummer.
thank goodness for the spare cable lock!

headed home...

We had a lovely time.
We engaged.
We rode.
It doesn't matter where you are,
when you embrace what you have,
make what you want it to be,
and share it with the one you love,
suddenly the world looks different,
and so do both of you...

for those of you who pay close attention,
you may see something here that raises an eye brow,

or two.
more on that soon...