Friday, June 18, 2010

lycra best...

lycra week

I have always had a bicycle

I have not always been a bicyclist.

I have always loved bicycling

I have not always been in to bicycling.

I have always been on a bicycle

I have not always been about a bicycle.

When I reflect I see
that bicycles

were always there.

When I lived in NorCal

the bicycle bug really began to bite,

but I had a bad back

so I headed to Berkeley and bought


We rode a bit together,

sometimes in Marin,

sometimes to The City,

but we never took each other

super seriously.

H and I rode our tandem

back then,

and it was a blast

But it was not until the move

to Minnesota

that I knew I would need


Leaving my hyggelig behind

sent me into a tailspin

it took two years to get out of.

And when I had been through the worst

of it, began reaching to pull myself up,

I had the time to find myself.

It is in these darkest times

we strengthen who we are

learn to appreciate each day

and strive to make a better tomorrow.

If I had not fallen from my tippity Cali Top,

and reached my Minnesota bottom,

would biking still have been there for me?


but to what degree?

In the last two years I have ridden


nearly 2500 miles.

I have had a lot of time to think

in my lycra best.

My head is almost where I want it to be,

I have found my zen,

and life has become mine again...