Saturday, June 19, 2010

pup cycle...

lycra week

I am super excited this race is
and has been
in my city

and I believe
in going out and supporting it.

But puppy and I were solo this week

and I missed out on all the bikey fun.

I guess supporting someone being a canine good citizen

is worth missing a few races this year...

Anyhow, get out there - 2 days left!
You KNOW where I will be tomorrow.

A couple of loose connections to all of this.

and here.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Once I recover from my puppy hangover,

I am off for a ride.

The sun is starting to peek out

the day is going to be good

and once I roll in,

I will be headed over to
you can't do just anywhere.

More on that once lycra week is over...