Sunday, August 14, 2011

bicycle things ~ new york...

New York grace, dodging those pesky cabs in the bicycle lane.

I arrived in New York
with my colleagues

Saturday afternoon.

Not free to wander alone,

I let my brain and eyes

take their own journey

as we walked the city together.
As always,
I was in my own world...

Looking at the beauty in the diversity,
the leggy model types at the French bistro,
and the leggy model being photographed
on the street corner.
Inspiration everywhere I turn,
the people,
the buildings,
the interiors.

My eyes at the same time
see bicycle things,
my brain thinks about bicycle things.

In SoHo people merged into the bicycle lanes
due to busy Saturday pedestrian traffic.

I was embarrassed that my cab dropped us off
in the bicycle lane.

My day in New York was also filled

with seeing bicycle lanes all over the city,

people on bicycles all over the city,

bicycles in store windows

(Madewell stands out, wish I could have gotten a pic),
bicycles parked,
a woman riding her friends bicycle
like it was the first time,
a family working their way down the bicycle lane,
people on expensive bicycles,
people on old bicycles,
people stylin' it,
people just trying to get home.
New York is perfect for bicycling,
it is flat,
a bicycle is more efficient than a car,
and you are part of the life.
It's just all those darn
cabs, cars, and people
you have to look out for.

I'm an SF gal,
but if I found myself here,
a Dutch-Style bicycle,
without a doubt,
would be a great way to traverse the city.
No need for speed here,
careful, steady, and strong is what you need.

New York,
it's been 7 years,
and I am impressed.
All those green bicycle lanes I have read about,
all those people spaces where a street used to be,
it's all true,
and I like it.
Just think how grand it will be if you keep going...