Monday, February 21, 2011

onward and upward...

what did I do, where did I go, what did I see?

So what does a gal do when she is on a blog hiatus?

Finish reading a book

she started reading two years ago.

Take on a January Sewing Project.

One Month, One Project.

Bask in glorious Sun and Warmth

in South Carolina

(take advantage of those work trips!)

Get on a new family schedule.

Pups to daycare

H to an office

Me taking the bus.

And consider some pretty weighty

life decisions

in regard to family and work.

Enter the modern age,

change my life
(sort of)...
get my own super phone.

for work and for fun.

Thus ends looking back at time well spent,

appreciating the challenges of a winter in the Midwest,
and trying to be the best I can be
when I really would rather crawl in a corner
and let winter beat me down.

Thanks everyone for sharing in the ride
the last couple of months.
And again thanks to the Super Girls
for filling in for me in January!

Now onward and upward...

Time to welcome in Spring!

If only it would stop snowing