Sunday, November 13, 2011

lovely, lovely, lovely...

Lexa basking in the morning Sun

Yesterday was BeaUtiful.
I woke up to SUN

Hopped on Lexa

and rode off in warmth.

A Lovely, Lovely, Lovely


turned in to..

very ready for happy hour...(that's Lexa there looking so "City" up on the bars..)

A Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

I have not been here much lately
because I have been busy
helping to organize a board retreat.

It has been a great experience for me.

The day went well.

The people great as always.
The conversation lively, engaging, smart, funny.

But what I enjoyed most of all was our ride after the meeting

over to happy hour.

I do not often ride with other people,

but there were 10 or so of us, silently gliding,

smiling, laughing, chatting,

out riding our bicycles.

It was a moment for me to cherish,

though not captured on film besides this,

it is forever captured in my heart.

What is better than bicycling?

Bicycling friends.