Wednesday, June 30, 2010

right before my eyes...

When I lived in San Francisco
I took advantage of my location
but looking back
I did not take advantage
of my time.
and getting to and from
was pretty central.
I did have some fun bicycle rides
I spent a lot of time with my guys at the beach
I went for beautiful walks
I ate at wonderful restaurants
I went to hip museum openings
but something was missing
as I mentioned before.

You know how sometimes
things are right before your eyes
but they never click
and you have no idea
that these things will come into play
later in your life.
Sewing is like that for me.
My mother sewed,
I think because she liked it,
but also out of necessity.
I sewed when I was younger
but I had forgotten all about it.
Then in San Francisco I began to observe
that one of my colleagues
was an amazing sewer.
She made a wedding dress for one of her interns
and I was blown away.
I started asking her how to buy a sewing machine
without really even thinking about it.
I had no time and I had no money,
but the seed was planted.

A few years later I find myself
living in Minneapolis
jobless in the depth of winter
and sad.
I find a craft store near my house
I begin to frequent the library
and I stumble upon this little book.
I am not so sure when it clicked with me to start
like meeting a good friend,
it is hard to remember when you first started hanging out.
But what really clicked with me was Amy's happiness
and her success.
Here was this woman living in Ohio of all places
And look how inspired she was,
look at all the amazing things she was doing,
look at the beautiful house she lives and works in!
I took this to heart,
why can't I be like Amy too?
And so slowly,
I began to try.
And the things I never had time to do
when living and working in a busy city,
I now had time to focus on.
To learn
and grow.

And this is what Amy Butler and I
talked about when I met her.
She is as gracious in person
as you would think.
She really listens,
she responds thoughtfully,
and she is genuine.

Some people want to meet the pope
some people a movie star
Amy Butler is about as good as it gets.

My City,
it brings me opportunities
to learn
and grow...