Monday, June 28, 2010

goodness me...

goodness me I have been so busy.
Summer comes but once a year
and the rain looks to finally have stopped
for a spell.

SO looking forward to the upcoming long weekend!

I thought I would focus the next few posts

on some of the cool things
my city

has had on offer
that I have enjoyed of late.

First off...

Juana Molina
If Juana is coming to a city near you,


What a brilliantly creative




Juana is one of those people you see

and you think

"I would love to be her friend"


she just seems pretty darn cool.

We had a lovely night out

at our
local museum.
First time alone since

the pup came to join us.

The evening was like a

meditative trance.

My city...

it has some cool things to do.

Thank you Juana..