Tuesday, September 23, 2008

let's talk creativity...

H is on a plane to LA.
It is raining, it is dark, it is Autumn, and work is bringing me down.
Bob pretty much stays in the bedroom now.
SO... it's me and Bob blogging together for a few days.

What better time to kick off Creative Week?

Yes, I am officially deeming it Creative Week
and I have a few post ideas up my sleeve...

Creative Week Installment 1
Today... Let's talk Creativity...

My adult life with creativity all started one day at work in SF a few years ago when a certain well known artist asked to see my colleague's sketch books. I thought to myself 'my god, all I do is work, if he were to ask what I do in my free time I would have nothing to say, nothing. I have no life!' I was terrified by the thought and suddenly the wind was knocked out of me.
nd then I had an 'aha' moment.

I began to look for places I could start throwing pots again (that's a whole other story), but alas, my situation in the Bay Area made that too difficult. At the time I was traveling for work a ton and my friend A had inspired me with her adept knitting skills.

one of the coolest gifts I've ever received.
and now my iPod case.

I thought 'perfect!' A never knit because it was cool or because it was trendy, she did it because she's an individual and she liked knitting. But, at the time knitting was also really hitting its stride in SF as the thing to do, or maybe it had already peaked, and I decided it was the perfect solution - something I could say I do, something I want to do (I wanted to make all those cool things A was making), and something I could take with me and do at the airport and in my hotel room.

first project

I promptly signed myself up for a class at the cusp of Noe Valley and the Castro and for 4 Wednesday's in January I made a night out of it; muni'd my way out near class, picked out a nice restaurant to take myself to for dinner, and then class - wonderful class. H & B as always were supportive and would drive in from Marin to pick me up after class and we would talk about how we loved the City (man g**gle street view can make a girl homesick!) and how class went and where we would eat next (another story).
It was truly a turning point for me and I haven't looked back.

And now look, I can do it too!

Funny, sometimes it takes awhile to get back in touch with those things you forgot you enjoyed as a child. I had strayed far away from so many things, but now they are coming back into my life as the most positive things - bringing me new adventures, keeping me focused, providing new mantras, and centering me.