Saturday, June 28, 2008

in retrospect...

In the throws of an impossibly long winter and the resulting depression that had set in, I decided to buy a sewing machine to prevent further insanity and to treat myself for that first real 'big girl' bonus I got at the new job. Had I known then that my Dutch-style bike obsession was about to hit fever pitch and that Hub and I would have slight nervousness on a daily basis in the coming months about the state of our companies, and the longevity of our jobs, perhaps I would have waited until the fall and bought the bike instead. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, and so in our new commitment to biking to the store on Sunday's, and the fact that it is taking forever for my hair to grow back out, I decided I needed a few fashion accessories.
Item 1: the headband for when I take off my helmet and need to go in public places and look presentable.

It is interesting, I just put it together that I seem to be getting back in touch with my youth - wanting a bike that gave me a smile like riding Mom's did years ago (the one above is similar) and sewing again, something I haven't done since junior high. I'm sensing a's called getting back in touch with me.