Monday, June 30, 2008

can't stop...

I've run out of steam.
Sweden is officially over - I drew out the memories all of June, but sadly life must move on.
I can not get the bike - fears were founded today when some people were let go at work (yikes - who is next?!).
Am I a person who was into bikes for awhile and now has nothing left to say? Maybe.
I've been pretty obsessed lately, but I think I can go back to being a little more well-rounded; talk about gardening, crafting, design, art, whatevs.
For my bike friends, you and you, and you, and you - sorry, you may start getting bored with the blog. But in the end, this space is about my hyggelig - and staying positive for myself - and mixing it up to stay happy is what it is all about. The dark cloud has moved over - but I must do my best to push it away - that's why I started this blog in the first place. And so, a happy picture of things I love - fashion, modeling, bikes, design. Well, staying away lasted oh...about....2 days....

(love the flat tire on this one...)
And a couple of blog shots when I was out tooling the sphere the last few days...