Wednesday, September 24, 2008

being where I want to be...

Creative Week Installment 2
I started blogging because basically, I was cold, lonely, and depressed. And, well, basically I am still all of those things, but a little less so. Often in my life I have felt I am not really where I want to be. There were a few short glorious years where I was exactly where I wanted to be and I remember turning to H as we drove through the Headlands saying that I had never been so happy in my life - I had never said that before, ever. Though that happiness was wrenched
out of me and keeps getting squeezed away, I have tried to bottle it up and keep it here in this little stratosphere of my hyggelig. I try not to focus on negativity here ~ for me my hyggelig is about keeping myself positive and inspired, focusing on the brighter side - capturing that one moment in time and spreading it throughout my daily life. And it is a bonus when someone joins me for part of the ride.

A wee bit o'time ago when I was but a lass, as soon as I finished grad school I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living and bought a Garrison Keilor book. I wanted nothing to do with serious reading and this was a good start. Folks can bash on MSL all they want, but back in the day it was a great read. Like a great runway show, it isn't about being what you see, it is about taking away the great bits you can make your own. I found it inspiring.

Fast forward a few years and I start hearing about these folks called 'bloggers'. I didn't think much of it at the time because I was too busy working, commuting, traveling, and falling asleep on the couch at 8pm to pay much notice. Or one could say I was simply spending too much of my free time with the Boys at, on, or near a beach...

But when I moved here these things were not part of my life anymore - none of them. Somehow I stumbled upon sfgirlbybay and a whole new world opened up to me just when I needed a new door to go through. Bloggers knew other bloggers and some of them were even meeting up at events and making friends. Like-minded, incredibly creative people we may not meet in our daily lives were there making connections in the blogosphere and it was pretty darn cool. And, I was inspired. In the midst of a disheartening career changing job search, I had these little golden moments in my everyday.

And though they may not know I am out here, I thank these folks for what they have brought into my life through their brilliant creativity, perhaps a unique and witty sense of humor, a visual sense of the world, and the courage to put themselves out there. Yes, it may not be a book or a painting you made by the seashore, but a computer can lead to creativity.