Thursday, February 1, 2007

Where it all ended...or began?

My biggest inspiration - Bob

I've been in Minneapolis only a few months, after a life changing extended stay in what came to be known to me as Home - in my mind what I call the Hyggelig place for my heart - San Francisco. Though I am desperately missing San Francisco - spending time at the beach with my dog, the weather, the people, the FOOD...oh the food (but not my moldy over-priced apartment), now is the time to embrace the present and to tune in to the great inspirations in my new life.

I was also influenced to start this blog after spending countless minutes (dare I say hours) stumbling upon some pretty cool blogs out there during this first very, very cold Midwestern winter, and I wanted to be able to connect. It's an odd circular world - I found an SF blog today that references my couch (the original JASPER - ours is the only color offered originally - cement. btw the couch is made by a Minneapolis company - yay.), which then references another blog I have been enjoying that has a link to Austin Craft Mafia, which has a connection to splityarn - which is now connected to Minneapolis! Phew, I'm exhausted already. Anyhow, that's my story (sort of).

I look forward to sharing my inspirations as well as being inspired by those paths I have yet to cross. Thanks for connecting.