Thursday, July 1, 2010


When I was quite at my low
in February
I needed to find solace.
Not often taking advantage of the great offerings of my city,
I decided to venture forth to the American Swedish Institute.
I expected very little
and gained an enormous amount.
First off, the place is impressive and a real gem.
I have been in many museums
and right up there
with the Tate Modern,
seeing the Fisher Collection in its element,
and visiting the Rijksmuseum,
I have to say, I was smitten.
I am infinitely inspired by the kakelugnar that are in almost every room,
especially the geometric patterns on the sides.
I hope to go back and have the opportunity to do a little research
and have a future project in mind for myself one day...

This place has great programming
and a real sense of community.

So much so that they are expanding,
I find this particularly exciting!

I have also enjoyed a wonderful and inspiring lecture by
Pia Amsell and Barbro Wesslander here.
I loved the images they showed of their home towns
and particularly a gorgeous little Scandinavian house with black siding.

I also plan to return to do do some serious holiday shopping
in their well edited gift shop.

We have found ourselves returning again and again,
most recently on


There were a few painfully beautiful
Scandinavian families
at Midsommar.
I can't deny it, I wanted to be them.

How picture perfect are these three?
They were posing for dad,

but I caught them in the corner of my lens
while taking a picture of the

procession to the Midsommar Pole.

And Kubb, ahhh...
I remember it well.

My City,

My Hyggelig...