Saturday, June 12, 2010

nice ride...

Taking a break looking out over the Ol' Miss

Once again I waited all week for this.
I knew this time
I would not let the clouds
slight mist in the air

or radar shot

dissuade me.
I HAD to do this.

the radar right before I was set to leave Thursday

You see, if I had a religion,
next to my bicycles

it would be watching
weather radar.
My single goal in life
is to spend as much of it as possible
When I lived in Colorado

the weather was predictable.

Afternoon Showers, but otherwise

mostly nice.

When I lived in California

the weather was predictable.

Rain November to April,
and then
not a drop to be seen.


Then I moved to Minnesota

and I distinctly remember
our first ride upon arrival.
The sky was blue as could be,
off we went,
and shortly thereafter

we found ourselves huddled
under the awning
of a church.

This is when I really sealed
my religion -

We became friends with NOAA
when we sailed in the Bay,

you had to.
It was the smart thing to do.

NOAA NEVER betrays,
except on Thursday...

July 4, 2009
I rode the Nice Ride test machine

down to the Mill City Farmer's Market

later in the summer we were found on Nicollet Mall

You may remember last year
I spent my downtime doing
a little
volunteer gig with Nice Ride.
Well, I received this nice invite a few weeks back:

You're Invited!
Inaugural Ride and Ribbon-Cutting Celebration!

Date: Thursday June 10, 2010 - Bike Walk to Work Day

Immediately I RSVP'd.
I was really looking forward to the launch.

Come the day of the big event,
I'm watching radar all morning,
sort of meditating on my religion at work.

Everyone is talking about the storm to come,
I get stuck in a meeting,
rain drops start to fall,
and I bail.

BIG mistake.
If I had only listened to my own advice!
The rest of the afternoon nothing more happens,
the inaugural ride went off without a hitch weather-wise,
and I missed out on a good time.
Dam NOAA, what WERE you thinking?

I forgive you NOAA,

religion is about forgiveness right?

You were honest with me today,

I had my NICE RIDE,
it was just me and the Trek,
barely a soul or car to be seen,

and I am content,
my church was full.

Trek fitting right in with the NR crew

And Nice Ride?
Trek and I met you formally today.

It was an honor.

We look forward to seeing you around town.


Happy Saturday Everyone!
It was a nice ride...