Sunday, June 13, 2010

in the eye of the beholder...

Finding beauty
in the everyday
can sometimes be a challenge
and sometimes
a state of mind.

I wasn't really in the mood this year.
The forecast was ominous,

the air had a chill,
I was tired,

I wasn't thrilled about the journey.

Years past my rides have been
spectacular - SF,

scenic - the old job,

steady ~ always.

I'd ridden this route

when I first got my job

and it's not the most
nor is it the most scenic.
In fact today when all the sirens
were blaring
I was pretty sure a toxic
situation was brewing
and thought
to myself
perhaps this bicycle commute
was not good for my health.
Indeed, come to find out,
there had been a little incident
going on over my shoulder.

But I made it
to work,

no problem,
it is really quite an easy commute.

I was proud of myself for yet again
taking part in what is becoming
my annual Solo Bike to Work Day
Yet again the only one at the office,
yet again glad I did it.

In the end,
me and my bicycles,

we can do anything,

we make it a better day.

I do not need a commute to work

on a bicycle

to convince me
bicycles are my
saving grace.
But it doesn't hurt
to remind
myself now and again
it is the grace
that saves me.