Tuesday, June 15, 2010

skin tight baby...

In Honor of the Nature Valley Grand Prix
rolling out this week, I introduce....
Lycra Week

A lot of people knock lycra

I happen to love it.

There is a time and a place
for everything,
and lycra definitely has it's place.

Say you happen to be a very fit person
in the prime of your life
riding your bicycle

hour upon hour

hill upon hill

and with friends.
I would say that is a time and a place.

Wearing lycra says a lot about
who you are

you like to take care of yourself

you work hard
you are dedicated

you like to have fun

you enjoy being outside.

And not to objectify,

I like a man in lycra,
a man who looks GOOD in lycra.

And sometimes
people in lycra

do very nice things,
like take care of your bicycle

carry your new Pashley Bicycle
inside to meet you...