Monday, September 7, 2009

Pashurday (part one)...

I have wanted to take a picture of this sign for awhile,
it reminds me of Paris.

I admit it.

I was no longer excited about fulfilling my volunteer commitment.
I had agreed to do it when I was unemployed, but now I had just put in my first full week at the new job and I wasn't psyched about giving up part of my precious long weekend with the boys.
Begrudgingly I rolled out of bed early Saturday morning,

placed myself on the Pash,
and off I rolled...'s quite gorgeous out this morning,
perfect weather for riding in shorts and a t-shirt and not getting too sweaty.
Boy...that sun sure feels nice.
Sigh...I love riding my bicycle early on a Saturday morning before the rest of the world is out and about.
Well...isn't this a neat neighborhood? I had no idea it was here and it looks great by bicycle!
HEY!!!!...What's happening here? Am I actually enjoying riding further than 3 miles on the Pash? I thought I gave up on that...

arrival and departure at the MSF bicycle parking

Demo Bixi kiosk at the Minnesota State Fair - my volunteer gig

Hey!!! that fun I am actually having at the Minnesota State Fair
talking to people non-stop for four hours straight about bicycle sharing coming to Minneapolis?

Have I actually found a way to enjoy the MSF?
I think maybe I have...

So, the moral of this story is...
Sometimes in life we do things we think we do not want to do, but you know what?
They become some of the richest memories of our lives.

I absolutely had a blast volunteering and sharing information about bicycle sharing with all types of people (it IS the great Minnesota get together...).

Volunteering is an exchange, not only was I giving, but I was definitely getting.

And my mixed emotions still lingering from my long ride a few weeks ago?

Well, they are less mixed.

I fell in love with Pash this weekend,
for more than her looks this time.

She treated me well,

she was a blast to ride with,

and screaming down the hill on the way home
I felt like I was beaming...

I like to ride on my bike...

I DO like Pash,
I CAN ride her when I need her.
I really learned to ride the Pash the way she is meant to be ridden.
I worked with her, not against her,
and we just sort of hit a groove.

And this was only the beginning.
We had a date later that night...