Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 minute friendcation...

I find it charming
when I can hop on my bicycle,
load up a 6-pack
and head over to say hello
to friends in my little hamlet
who are settling in
to their new home.

The Pash excels at these short little trips,
I think the ride is no more than 5 minutes.

On these jaunts in my mind I am
on my Swedish Island
I am on holiday
I am by water
I have a little Swedish Summer house

I am happy
I am at peace
and I enjoy the slow pace.
It is like a 5 minute vacation
that stays with me all day.

Welcome to the Neighborhood friends!

Happy Saturday Everyone!
All I asked of today
was that I could go for a ride

and I did.
Looks like I threaded the needle
as rain appears to
be imminent.
Never take a few rain drops as a sign of defeat,
If I had it would have been no ride for me
and one very cranky gal.
I need to turn my wheels...