Friday, December 18, 2009

winter bicycling and me...

This bicycle is a work of art,
a thing of beauty,

a way in which to transport thyself.

Winter Installment 11

I am not adverse to riding my beauty in cold weather.
Look at us together...

so happy.

I in my mitts, scarf, and hat,

She in her basket, lights, fenders, and skirt guard.

What I am adverse to,
is taking my beauty out in a Minnesota winter
once it hits.
This is my car.
Note that it is completely covered in salt and icky snow melting chemicals.

This is Minnesota in winter.
Sometimes you drive down the roads after they have finally dried off and the chemicals they have put on the road are now dried and blowing around like white fog, still covering everything and easily inhaled.

I do not want all this stuff on my beautiful bicycle that I paid quite a bit of money for and can not afford to replace.

There, I said it.
Lame, but true.

Yes, she has internal components, but let's be honest, this stuff is brutal and it is going to work it's way in.
I'm not only concerned with the exterior of my bike being covered in corroding chemicals, but with the interior of my bike being covered with corroding chemicals. These icky things will move their way inside and eventually cause problems in addition to rusting out the Pash from the inside out.

There certainly is a part of me that says you got the thing to ride her, take her out and what will be will be. It is made to be used, not sit idle.
But the part of me that respects the Pash and my bank account can not with lightness of heart do that.
And so, we are content to gaze at each other,
she as she rests in the livingroom for the winter,
and I as I do a few other things to keep myself happy in this toughest of months...

What I do do is...

Ride the Trek on her trainer.

I addressed this here and here last year.

I actually do not mind doing this (once I give in to starting it),

I need exercise when it is -17F and this is one of the ways I do it.

It keeps me sane and happy,

gives me that much needed time on a bicycle,

and allows me time to watch pbs and movies I do not normally have time to watch.

I also do Bikram yoga ~ which I also mentioned here last year.

Bikram is key exercise for me in the winter,

and also creates those zen meditative moments I need so much.

Plus, it is SO great to be hot and sweaty in the dead of winter!

Shared paths are common in the winter...

Greenway to my left... Greenway to my right...

Here they come... There they go...

In the winter I am still out on the bike paths,
but for now propelling myself with my feet...

The other thing I do a lot of is walking.
I have found one of the best things to do is just get outside.
It also keeps me sane.
In the winter I feel really isolated,
you rarely see people out and about,
and I miss that.
So I head down to my favorite lake,
get a little water time,
get a little people watching time,
commune with nature,
get fresh air,
and feel like I am part of my world.
Walking is a vital part of my winter routine.

For more on being part of your winter environment,
suggested reading: On My Swedish Island, referenced

I encourage everyone to get out and be part of their surroundings.

Maybe like me you do not want to take your beauty out in the harsh environs,

and maybe like me you can not yet afford a winter bicycle or converting your old one.

Do not let these things be obstacles, take advantage of winter's pause

and enjoy the change to your routine.

Doing the same thing day after day is stale,

finding ways to enjoy the everyday,

definitely not.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I am off for a walk...