Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As an early Christmas present I was told to get myself over to the bike shop and pick up something on hold under my name. With H's winter training schedule and my usual winter activity we were having trainer conflicts, I have my very own PINK kinetic! Goes well with the crafting room...
Some people swoon at diamond rings, I swoon at practical thoughtful gifts.

Work has been a big old ball of stress and frustration for me the last 6 months.
I treasure my quality trainer time.

Plus, qtt allows me to enter the worlds I love ~ art and fashion; they are one in the same.
There is something about a truly gifted artistic spirit,
I may not always love the eccentricities that come along with the two, but I completely respect the talent within.
I miss my old world, but I am always glad to come visit and I know some day when my time in the woods is over, I will be back.