Monday, January 12, 2009

half full...

I am forcing myself to view the glass half full.
I am not doing so well, but I am trying.

Tomorrow's forecast: Increasing clouds and cold, with a high near -3. Wind chill values between -16 and -26.
That is Fahrenheit my friends, not Celsius.

San Francisco today: Freakishly warm weather (74F!) and no rain.

Then I begin my mantra...

I have a home
I have time to craft

I have time to read

I have time to blog
I have time to exercise
I have time to spend with my boys
I am not doing so well, but I am trying...

The picture is kind of a happy accident documenting today's snow storm.
Later this week, back on the bike...

PS Speaking of bicycles, if you work downtown, have a night job, or have the luxury of doing what you want when you want, check this out Minneapolis.