Wednesday, August 19, 2009

meditative solitude...

Yesterday after I got home from my volunteer gig
I instantly hopped on the Trek for a late afternoon ride.
The weather was perfect,




I knew it was one of the fleeting days of my Summer

and I knew it was one of my last daytime sojourns.

The beauty of my Summer

has been having the bicycle trails to myself.
It has been extremely therapeutic

and restful

to the mind

and to the body.

I smell the fresh pine of the trees,

I hear nothing but the cadence of my pedals,
The Sun shines down on me time and again

I am in near complete solitude
for miles.

I've been in a groove lately with the Trek.
Analogies like...


feeling like I am in lotus pose...
come to mind
when I crank in the zone down the Greenway

The Trek and I will roll 900 this week.
(My goal for the year is 1000)
You get to rely on someone when you've been through a lot with them.
You appreciate their reliability,

their poise,
their grace,

the experiences they share,
their ability to quiet your mind,
the knowledge they impart,
and their ability to warm your heart.
They take you places far away
and bring you safely back home again.
Next to being with these guys

there is no place I would rather have been
these last few months
than with the Trek.

If ever I need to rest my mind
warm my heart

take a moment in a busy day,
my Summer is where I will meditate.