Saturday, April 21, 2012

snap out of it?...

Mill Valley was named #4 in the top cities to live this week.
When I showed the article to my colleague and said
"this is why I get depressed sometimes",
they quoted Moonstruck and said "snap out of it".
That is so true, 
I totally get it.
I mean, it's been almost 6 years!
I think all the time that people shouldn't dwell on things and 'snap out of it' myself.
But it was number one in our book.
At the end of the day Pups and I went for a walk,
(in fact that's what Bob and I used to do all the time in Mill Valley,
and I was thinking to myself,
'come on, it HAS been almost 6 years,
why can't you get over this place?'
I've pretty much had that conversation with myself for,
6 years...

I have never had a heart wrenching break-up with a partner,
but my conclusion is that my break-up with NorCal
must be what that feels like.
It was a mutual goodbye,
but I left with tears in my eyes
and a broken heart.
It's just something that I will never recover from.

Likely because it was paradise.
Likely because I was in my early thirties.
Likely because I loved my job.
Likely because I had more adventures in those 4 years,
than I have had here in 6.
Likely because being in your 40's is a different place.
Likely because in NorCal I found true happiness.

So Minnesotan's ~ get over it.

I know I live here, 
I am acutely aware of that fact.
But my heart I can not control,
and home...
it is where the heart is.