Monday, April 23, 2012

who'd of thought?...

image from Trek
I'm a bit in shock.
I remember 5 years ago when I dreamed of this day.
In fact, the other day I was still bemoaning the fact
that no one had made a Dutch-style bicycle
in aluminum.

Well, it's happened.

I also remember 5 years ago looking on Trek's website
and wishing they made pretty much this exact bike,
and complaining that they were so far behind Europe ~
there was nothing...
the Trek website was a vast desert when it came to 
and functional 
for women.

I wonder how much it weighs and how the seating position feels.
I wish it was a 5 or 8 speed, did't have grip shifters (no, no, no...),
and a different seat.  
But I can get past all that for the fact that it has an aluminum frame.
Could the introduction of a Dutch-style bicycle by Trek have anything to do with the success of Public?
I think so,
but does it really matter?
Regardless - how wonderful for America that this day has finally come!

If you've been here for awhile,
you know I'm a big fan of two things:
Dutch-style bicycles
Trek bicycles.
I think a trip to the bicycle shoppe to check out Cocoa is definitely in order...

Who'd of thought?!
The world continues to be an amazing place...