Friday, April 13, 2012

Brooklyn ~ bridge and shoe love...

One of the best things I did for myself in Brooklyn last week was to
walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
There are some things as an American that I truly believe you should do, and this is one.
As Americans we often take for granted the things we have,
and the work of those who came before us.
It was nice to have the time to 
slow down and appreciate.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day and people from all over the world were here.
The whole experience gave me goose bumps!
I can't wait to walk across this again someday with H.
Everything about it took my breath away.

And my destination?
Well...take a guess...

I walk A LOT when I travel.
It was so good just to WALK and get myself around with my own two feet!
But walking means one needs good, and stylish, shoes.
Where do you think I headed?!!
Camper SOHO of course...

I like nothing better than to buy Camper's and purses when I travel.
These are everyday things I use that hold memories for me of where I have been,
and where I would like to go.

your bridge sent my heart a twitter
and my shoes
helped me to get to know you...