Sunday, April 12, 2009

sheep wolf...

Yesterday I put on about as much lycra and sporting attire as was physically possible and headed out with what I am for now calling the lil' firecracker. This was one of the wilder experiences of my life. The last 'road' bike I owned was in college and suffice it to say, it was for a wholly different reason.

It did not take long and I was really feeling like a sheep in wolf's clothing.
The wsd is fast, she is nimble, she is light and above all things, she is not lil'C
Somehow this person riding her had been transformed into one of those road cyclists everyone sees out there looking so serious. I am serious, but I am no racer. I was doing things I had never done before, hitting speeds never attainable on lil'C. Without much effort I was passing people left and right - going into a strong headwind no less! Who was this girl on this bicycle?!
I was loving it and apprehensive of it all at the same time.
This bike is so not me but so completely me.

It was the first serious ride of the season, and yes, of course, I totally over did it.
After 15 miles straight into a headwind I was dogging it the last 10, but the new ride made it so much easier for me to continue to push myself and enjoy it.

I have to say, my end reflection is that the fast lycra me and the slow Pashley me are going to be a nice compliment. Repitition can be boring, the firecracker and the Pash? Definitely not...