Sunday, March 29, 2009

coping with reality...

I know I should be posting about how the Pash and I cycled all around this here city all weekend and the great adventures we have had. But the truth is, we have just ventured around the block thus far. Upbeat Sigrid is feeling kind of grumpy. I think it is partially the long winter getting to me after my trip to SoCal and the fact that it just does not want to loosen its grip. After a dreary week it has been gloriously sunny all weekend, but it is cool out (22F this morning).

In addition, I think I am having a hard time believing that the Pash is mine.
H was so sweet ~ from the moment she came in the door he was working on building her up and had her set up in less than 24 hours (more like 2)!
But I have pretty much spent the entire weekend admiring her in my living room.
I want her just to be a bike, but part of me is having a hard time coping with the reality that my obsession has been fulfille
d and now I can move forward.
It is time to stop dreaming and start living!

What I have done so far is purchased and scouted out some supplies:
a new helmet (the sporty pink seemed too much, so I got the same thing in matte black)
cork handlebar grips (H's suggestion)
seat cover
and pondered the locks (I think that is a post in and of itself) and cycle computers (I want to track my Pash miles this year).
When H got home from his ride we tinkered for quite a while with the seat position (I think that will take awhile to get set), the handlebar height, brake lever position, etc. She's all ready to take out for a spin.

Let's hope all the snow in the forecast is the end of this winter business!
Pash and I need to get out and get to know each other.
We have quite a path in front of us...