Tuesday, March 31, 2009

me Monday's...

Part of the impetus for my SoCal trip was to attend the baby shower of a very good friend.
For the weeks leading up to the big event I happily got myself through the winter by undertaking a bit of a project - the sewing of a diaper bag.
For much of January and February I had what I was calling 'me Monday's'.
After a very long few months of intense work stress, I needed some me time - big time!
And I got it...
I made a point of leaving on time on Monday's, getting home, slipping on my shoes and taking myself for a much needed walk. Upon my return, dinner prep would ensue (not my usual mode of operation).
And then I would have a couple of glorious hours of serious sewing time.
The delightful capper to my day was watching This Old House - I am addicted to the Brooklyn series. I want that brownstone!

I treasured these nights because over the last few months I had been losing 'me' and I was eager to get me back.

It is so much fun to make gifts for other people because you both get so much out of it.
me: sanity during the winter months and a test to my sewing learning curve.
the receiver: a handmade, one-of-a-kind object that they will hopefully cherish and enjoy for years to come.

In the rituals that are our life we can find comfort, serenity, and joy.