Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all it is...

Pash and I at the top of The Hill
I have to admit the first time I took the Pash out I wasn't sure what I had done
One of my issues all along with this crazy quest has been The Hill

I often think of this for inspiration and to convince myself it is okay
But then the Pash and I, with H's support alongside us, tried The Hill...
First gear, standing up, it was not easy!
I began to wonder what I had done

Here I had this expensive bike I said I wasn't going to spend so much on...

Here I had this heavy bike I said I
was afraid I would never make it up The Hill on...
Here I had this bike that I s
aid I just wanted to ride without worries, but I feel better looking at her in my living room than locked up for thieves to admire on a bicycle rack...
With H having to go to Portland, that was my only ride on Pash and I mulled all these things over for two weeks and the guilt and potential dissappointment was kind of bugging me.

Then, on Sunday I took her out late in the day.
After my ambitious lycra trek the day before, I really didn't feel like going out for a 'serious' athletic ride,
the Pash s
eemed like a great way to get out and enjoy the few remaining moments of the weekend.

Pash on the crest of The Hill
The streets were quiet,
We found a little short cut for ourselves around The Hill ,
slowly I started falling in love...

All it is is just riding a bike.