Sunday, September 14, 2008

rainy day surprises...

It was going to be a rainy ride, there was no doubt about it, but I was itching to go for my ride.
I hesitated a few ti
mes, but finally pushed myself out the door.
One block into it a saw a gathering, hey! they have bicycles - good for them, wait a second...
Oh well, I'll just keep riding...

Um, this is too much - I have to circle back. Holy cow! These people are dressed in some great outfits and have what one would call, slow bicycles! What the?!!!! Seriously? One block from my house?!!!!
Drat, because of the rain I left the camera home!
(note to self: MUST purchase waterproof camera case this weekend).

Okay, this is too much...I cycle back the block to the house, grab my camera, and proceed to meet some really interesting folks who actually knew 1. About Copenhagen Cycle Chic 2. What a Skeppshult was and 3. How to have a good time.

Funny, you can look around the globe for a kindred spirit, and here I found some quite literally in my backyard!
The group was partaking in a weekend of fun called the All British Cycling Event.
My favorite story they told me about their event is that early on in their route they would be partaking in the Gravity Race and Pastry Joust. Some fun spirited people I think!

My encounter with the ABCE folks kept me smiling the whole day, and inspired me to keep going despite the rain. Heck, if they were going to ride over 30 miles in pouring rain on 3-speed bicycles with pipes, pith helmets, knickers and the like, I certainly could get out there in my full lycra and ride for a couple of hours.

(yes I felt a little silly talking to these folks in my lycra. On the exterior I was functional for what I was about to do, but inside I was standing right there with them with my Dutch-style bicycle and fine jacket and cap)
In fact, at the end of my ride when I was headed back home in the pouring rain, I passed the group again - soaking wet, but still out on their tour - dignified, waving to me, ringing their bells, and smiling! Now that's a group of people I can get behind. Well done.

Rain, clouds and all - it was one of the best rides I had the entire summer.
To think, the rainy gloom almost kept me away!
Lake Pepin 2009, here I come...