Saturday, September 13, 2008

adjusting again to change...

The sudden switch to Autumn has put me in the dark movie mood.
As always I am a fan of the dark broody Northern European movie.
And of course a bike or two placed smartly within does not hurt.

Denmark as a beautiful background to a beautiful movie.
A tense bike ride ensured a viewing.

-I know there is a lot of debate about helmets, but a mate of H's has some good musings about his recent encounter with the road and his helmet here.
-Damn I like good ideas - check this out.
-Welcome Cyclopath!

Classic quote from our house this morning while I was viewing the new iTunes.

Me: The world is just moving too fast for me.

H: That's why I stepped off.

Happy Saturday! I'm off for a rainy grey bike ride...i think....