Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time to get biking...

I've started looking at bikes again. We want to be more committed to using two wheels this summer. I love my bike that I use for exercise, but I want a cool, low profile, affordable Dutch bike for getting around town. No luck so far in hunting down the Electra Amsterdam, but internet searches have brought me a new love...The Velobris Victoria. Why do the good ones have to cost as much as a motor scooter? Speaking of that, I'm also getting that tuned up this week. I need a new helmet, the foam in mine is crumbling apart and everytime I wear it I get black bits all over my hair and face. Those things are not cheap either! I'm starting to sound like my grandfather back in the day... Oh well, one has to pay to play.

A couple more favorite Dutch Bike sites:

Dutch Bike Co.

Here are some other new fun things I have been eyeing up.