Monday, August 20, 2012

the perfect everything (in the bag)...

part two...
So it was on the quest for The Perfect
that I found myself
in a quiet neighborhood
San Francisco day.
I already had a big smile on my face 
after a great breakfast with my girlfriends,
and meeting a new friend who was 2 weeks old,
plus I was walking the streets of San Francisco
and the NorCal Sun was shining down on me~
I wasn't sure my day could get any better,
it was already pretty darn great.

As soon as I walked in to Rickshaw,
I felt like a girl in a Candy Store 
(but I don't like candy, I like the perfect).
I was nearly squealing with delight!
I entered with my mind set that I would probably purchase the larger backpack Rickshaw was offering at the time (which I am not seeing now on their website).  But thanks to the helpful girl at Rickshaw who quickly talked me out of it, I walked away with a Skinny Backpack on order ~ which was much more realistic for my size and needs, and much more difficult for me to overpack and be too heavy.  Thank you Rickshaw for steering me in the right direction!  I kept my fingers crossed my Rickshaw would arrive before my trip to Palm Springs (and it did!).
The perfect picking continued as I was able to pick out my trim and flap fabrics to truly make the bag my own.  Another great thing Rickshaw does!  One to always be suckered into a pretty textile, I chose an organic fabric from Mod Pod for the top flap and of course, a lovely green trim.
Whether biking or travelling, there is plenty of room for the essentials.
One of the best thought-out features is the key chain.  It is wonderful that when I get home I know where my keys are.  I don't have to fumble around with taking them off a hook - the cord is plenty long for me to hold onto the expertly sized top handle of the bag (which also fits around my suitcase handle for easy toting at the airport) and unlock the door with my other hand.  Only a person who rides a bicycle or travels, can design well for someone else who does the same - and that is Rickshaw.

My only challenge with this bag is not due to Rickshaw - it is due to my bad back.
The longest bicycle trip I've taken her on is 12 miles fully loaded on a hot and windy day ~that was hard on my back.  Typically bike rides for me are 5 miles or less with this bag with essentially what is pictured above ~that is doable for me and my back.  What I have wished for, and thought would be perfect for me, is this bag in a pannier - it seems just one step away from that.  Rickshaw is working on almost that sort of bag, but not quite - Rickshaw, please a pannier!

I also liked that these bags are 'made' in America.  Working in manufacturing I know you have to be careful in the way you read marketing terms ~ 'made in' and 'assembled in' can be slightly vague terms.  What I learned about my bag is that some parts (most?) are made overseas and the bag is sewn in SF.  That's great - but a fully made and assembled bag in the USA would be nice, people just have to be willing to pay the price (which they weren't for Po Campo who I learned during my test of their product, was moving their manufacturing overseas due to price requests).  boo hoo Americans!  pay the price for your goods.  the real price.
Rickshaw products speak for themselves.
After toting mine around here and there,
H took notice and got himself a Skinny Commuter Laptop.
He uses it at work where he has to tote around his laptop while doing a lot of walking; 
he has received a lot of compliments on his Skinny, as I have on mine.
A bicyclist is a bicyclist,
even if you are at work toting your laptop.
I love this bag.

I love how it looks.
I love how it fits me.
I love how well thought out it is.

I have taken it on several trips (leisure and work),
as well as a number of bike rides.
And I am not done yet...
I have a few trips planned in the next few months,
and the Skinny will be along with me
for the journey...

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