Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Trek waiting for some tweaking

At the beginning of my outdoor riding season
I decided it was time for a new saddle.

I chose a
Fi'zi:k Vitesse hp.
For years I have ridden on Terry saddles
this bicycle came with a Bontrager.

I have been riding with womens 'cut-out' saddles
exclusively for years, so I was a bit nervous
to switch to a version without this feature.
Well, the new saddle came, and I have to say,
I instantly loved it.

As I started to seriously ride this season what quickly became apparent
was that my old back issues had resurfaced,
only they were even worse this time.
The old back was something
I had happily not had to deal with on the Trek from day 1.
What changed?

Well, the saddle,
but what really changed is my body.
Aging is challenging.
When I switched the saddle out I was already battling
with a nagging back problem
aggravated by all things,
snow shoveling! gurr....
Now I hate winter even more!
Sitting at a desk all day,
the most unnatural of all things,
certainly is not helping either.

I was in physical therapy for months this year.
My ribs had literally been moved down and pushed out
by a muscle in my back.
In the early season I attributed a lot of my fit issues to my
back, and I still do.
By no means do I think my problems are due to
a poor bicycle fit
or an incorrect saddle.

It has been a really challenging riding season for me physically,
but I have never given up ~ entirely (more on that later).

For years, every bicycle I have purchased has taken
my bad back into account.

I have mentioned before that after years of resisting a road bike
the Trek has been my magic chariot of comfort
much to my surprise.

But finally at about 1200 miles,
many months of tweaking seat and cleat position on my shoes,
and multiple sessions of therapy,
I decided it was time to bring the Trek over to the shop for help.
My back was making my comfort extra challenging this year.
Approaching 1500 miles, I am not sure I have quite gotten it right,
and I often get discouraged by an aging body which seems to retain
pain much longer than it used to.

I have taken the week off of my bicycles,
time to get some things done around the house,
time to recharge the battery,
time for a change of pace.
My back has been acting up all week,
but I am itching to get back in the saddle today.
I have that goal of mine to meet this weekend,
and then I will slowly
give into winter
as the days become
colder and darker.
My rides will be becoming fewer and far between,
I will be focusing on my winter training
and getting this back to a better place.
I look forward to taking care of it
so next season I spend less time in pain
and more time in pleasure.

Life doesn't always roll how we want it to,
but learning how to weather the storms
better equips us
for the journey.

Happy Saturday Everyone!
I'm off for a ride...