Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just a day...

Get up while it is dark.
Drink Coffee.

Enter cube.

Stare at computer all day.

Go home.

Nothing special,

nothing exciting,

same old.

Just a day.

Get home as quickly as possible.

Change into all-over lycra.

Grab bicycle.


And the whole day changes.

The warm Autumn air.

The low lying sun.

The lungs breathing.

The wheels turning.

And I quietly celebrate.

Last Summer
I was unemployed

and I rode my heart out.

I ecstatically rolled
my personal best,

1500 miles.

I was thrilled.
It was about so much more
than just the miles.

This summer

I was employed

every moment I could

slip in

when it was not raining,

after work,

on my weekends,

I was there

trying to at least match

my personal best.

And tonight I rolled

1400 miles.

I know I can do 1500 now,

I know it.

It is not just about a number for me,

it is about where it puts me

physically ~
I feel better than I ever have,

I look better than I ever have,


mentally ~
Just a day

turns into a worthwhile day,

a beautiful day,

a special day.

Just a day...