Tuesday, October 12, 2010

despite loveliness...

This is what it looks like
when you go to be a spectator

at a cyclocross race
on a beautiful Autumn day.

You pack up your bell,

throw on a skirt,

grab your sweetie,

and ride side by side.
You arrive to a sea of lycra
and feel a rush of excitement
and anticipation.
The music is playing,
the riders are working.
And if you are lucky,
you bask in the warmth,


and exquisite Autumnal beauty.

Despite all the loveliness,
I found myself feeling surprisingly emotional.
Something I did not see coming,
but there it was as the music blared out of the speakers
and the riders zipped past us.

Just a few years ago H was out there

and my little guy and I were there by his side.

It is hard to see the guys H used to ride with,

slowing down
and wearing street clothes.
These are interesting times
for H and I,
that go beyond the bicycle.
But I am glad we can be there together,
talk about it,
make new moments in life.