Monday, October 18, 2010

wants and wants and wants...

waddling about today barefoot
in my well-loved shoes
I thought to myself,

surely these days are ending

and these feet will soon need to be covered

I dread these days
as thoughts of winter
create a pit in my stomach.

But then I came home to find this lovely booklet
resting in my mail slot
and I instantly wanted to cover my barefeet

with lots and lots of tights,
lovely, lovely tights.
I have been overcome by an intense feeling
of consumerism the last few days,
whilst having many financial discussions with H.

Obviously the two are intricately entwined

and I am better off indulging in my creativeness

and making something like this:

or this:

than to give in
to my wants and wants and wants.

But I may not be able to help myself
to just
a thing, or two...

and of course this dapper chap

caught my eye
as he popped up.

Oh how I love good design,
and fashion,
and bicycles...