Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the Perfect Everything...

part one...

I have this thing I do.
It's called
looking for the PERFECT Everything.
I also have this thing I do.
It's called
multitasking to the highest level of efficiency.
That can lead to a tall order
when a gal
who bicycles
who travels
who goes to business meetings
who knows a thing or two about textiles and manufacturing
and who likes unique style,
is looking for the perfect bag.

In January when I headed to Alt Summit
I started to feel like it was time to do away with the ol' backpack.
We had been together quite some time 
and her floppiness, 
my ability to overpack her and challenge my bad back, 
her internal deterioration
her general lack of style,
all pointed to the fact that it was time to move on.
I had been looking for the right bicycle bag for awhile 
but had never found the perfect one,
and now I wanted a bag to multitask.
I needed something bigger - but not too big,
sturdier - but not too heavy,
attractive on a business trip or on my bicycle,
and something to fit my essentials whether bicycling, traveling, or businessing.
photo: Rickshaw Bagworks

H has been a Chrome user for many many years and in my quest for the perfect, 
when I tried on even the smallest Chrome I found myself swimming and the straps still too big at the maximum cinch. 
Being a more petite sized gal
I often find that few things made for the mass market in the US work for me. 
Hello world - WOMEN are the number one Consumers, clue in...
I had begun to give up hope.
Then along came Rickshaw Bagworks.
What really sold me was being able to see a real life image on the Rickshaw website with relatable women with bags on their backs.  It is something so simple to do, but I had not seen this on any other bicycle bag website.
THIS was what I had needed to see.
I could tell from the images what might work for me and that finally, 
I may have found something actually made for a person my size.

Soon I was having a lovely brunch in San Francisco with some girlfriends,
and shortly thereafter,
executing my well-planned quest
to find 
the Perfect Everything Bag..

to be continued...