Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my (hyggelig) evolution...

Some of you may have noticed
that since my trip in January
I have been doing some tweaks to my hyggelig,
I came back with many ideas,
but so little time...

"I learned something else from Walker Evans, who was 69 when I met him. At that time, he was using a 670, a Polaroid, a new camera at the time. I said, “Mr. Evans, I can’t understand. You’re the most respected large-format photographer and you’re walking around with a 670.” He goes, “Here’s why.” And he took a picture and handed it to me. “Bill,” he told me, “you’re 20, you need to learn that every ten years, you put down your tools and pick up new ones; otherwise, you only have one life.” I am at the point where I’m putting down my tools. I’m designing products, designing huge systems, and consulting with countries. Why would I wander around at the age of 70 carrying a big 8-by-10?"Read more:

The first thing I did was finally move myself, 
to using the new Blogger interface.
I hated it,
but sometimes you just have to adjust to change (see quote above).

I reworked my header,
which I am still pondering.
I would love to have a logo,
but haven't worked that out yet
~though I have ideas.

I took out my labels
and hid some things.
Those things I have plans for,
but all in due course...

I began to focus truly on myself outside of this computer box,
which means posts roughly once a week now days,
but hopefully more meaningful ones
-to me
and to you.
At Alt people were fanatical about stats and posting and likes and...
it was too much, I just don't need it,
or want it.

Lastly, the three most recent adds,
that I had pondered for some time,
and a few of which I still am not 100% comfortable with, 
1.  A banner stating I have been on Blogger since February 1, 2007!  Whoa.
2.  An "about" page.  Many of you know me as Sigrid, because back when all this internet stuff started happening (yes before there really was Facebook happening), everyone on the blogosphere used a pseudonym.  After Alt Summit, I felt the need, again very reluctantly, to 'come out' so to speak.  So, here I am...
3.  I added some social media icons.
Pinterest:  I have been on Pinterest all year, and after hearing Ben speak, I became an even bigger fan.  I love Pinterest and am sharing the love.  
Flickr: I have been on flickr for ages, I am not 100% sure of its relevance anymore, but here I am...
Facebook:  And the big test...I entered the my hyggelig world of Facebook this weekend ~ come like me...  I am still trying to figure out the Facebook thing.  In my real life I have kept my fb friends to a tidy 17.  Yes, seriously - I have managed to keep only the people in my life on fb I really want to be there.  Yes, I am 41 people...  But I am happy to have you all come over to the my hyggelig fb world anytime...  As I adjust over here I will better figure out how to cross post and add little tidbits here and there (like I do now for my 17 friends).

The thing that keeps me blogging is that it is a creative expression for me that allows me to grow.
I constantly push myself to try new technologies, learn how to do new things, and express myself in productive ways for me and others.  It has brought me new experiences to my life which I would have never expected.  I often think of giving up, but there is something, that special something, that keeps me coming back...

Thanks for all of you who have continued to follow me on my journey.
May you find here something that helps enhance your everyday,
and keeps you coming back.